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I honestly have no idea. There are still loads of sketches I have nothing to do with...
I need your opinion guys, if any of you are still here! Let me know if you liked them, and I might still post one from time to time.

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This year I don't have much to show, but DEAR GODS CHECK THIS OUT

Also - I won't be here for some time, besides posting a few pics from time to time. dA is a handy gallery too keep stuff in one place, but it wasn't much more lately. This site lately in general and my own lack of feedback, views etc always gets me in pointless shitty mood so maybe it's better to give it up and "get rid of toxic stuff in your life" or sth.
Was nice to spend all this time with you, anyway.

Anything I have to do for you, guys? I still remeber about these trades some time back and will try to finish them soon. Feel free to kick me in the ass if there is anything more I forgot about.

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Znowu tag od :iconpurrinee:

1. Co jest dla Ciebie ważniejsze, komentarze czy favy?
2. Wolałabyś mieć na dA dużo znajomych ale nie być popularną czy być sławnym, zarabiać na komiszach ale tak naprawdę nie byłabyś blisko z żadną osobą?
3. Którą część ciała uwielbiasz rysować a której nienawidzisz?
4. Jaka postać z anime(lub serialu/filmu jeżeli nie oglądacie tego pierwszego) bardzo was poruszyła tym, jaka była i co zdziałała. Taka najbardziej dla was wyjątkowa i ulubiona :heart:
5. Ile czasu potrafisz bez odrywania się od rysowania tworzyć jedną pracę?
6. Wymień przynajmniej jedną cechę jaką według Ciebie powinien posiadać prawdziwy artysta

1. Ciężkie. Chyba komentarze, ale te bardziej treściwe :P
2. Popularność. Obecnie nie jestem ani popularna ani nie mam wielu bliższych znajomych i widzę, czego mi bardziej brak.
3. Uwielbiam rysować stopy i dłonie. Nienawidzę rysować stóp i dłoni ;_; Ciężka relacja.
4. Pewnie Guts z Berserka. Za całokształt. Nie siedzę w mandze/anime za bardzo, ale to to na mnie zrobiło największe wrażenie
5. Kilka godzin, nie raz wieczór i pół nocy. Mimo wszystko szybko się męczę.
6. I jak dla mnie jest tylko jedna - potrzeba podzielenia się czymś ze światem.

Nie mam teraz pomysłów na pytania, więc może innym razem kogoś otaguję :P
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Kto ma ochotę popisać ze mną listy? : D
Zaczęłam korespondować z paroma przypadkowymi osobami z internetów ale wciąż mi mało, może ktoś z was jest chętny?



I was tagged by :iconpurrinee:

You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to.

Hit shuffle on your iPod/Phone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs.
Then pass this onto 10 people some people.

1. Grave Digger - Tears of Madness
Jacek Kaczmarski - Lekcja historii klasycznej
3.Rufus Rex - Rise Lazarus rise
Blind Guardian - Majesty
5. Pink Floyd - Dogs
6. Phantom of the Opera - Entr'acte
7. Demons and Wizards - Heaven Denies
8. Battle Beast - Iron Hand
9. Running Wild - Into the Arena
10. Necrocock - Vodni pejsci

I don't remember only the first one, good.

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Kinda passed my finals. It means I have holidays now maybe even longer than expected
As soon as I crawl out of my artblock and this kind of stuff I'll get to my trades and other dA things. If only my scanner worked...

In the meantime, feel free to leave me requests in my askbox(or even here but they will be most probably posted on my tumblr only). OCs, fandom, whatever you like.
Gotta warm up a bit.

Current list of trades
:icon0ddsfish: done
:iconsquallscorner: done

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Let's say I've got some time to kill.
Anybody willing for a little art trade?

Current list to not forget about anyone
:icon0ddsfish: done
:iconsquallscorner: done

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on this account

But if someone is still interested I've got a whole blog for naked ladies and other things ready to wreck minds(for now it has only a few titties but I have no idea what may happen in the future. Ye be warned)
I'll just leave here the link

Also, friendly reminder that I have also
with sketches and shit and
personal blog
with reblogs and shit cause I don't know any better ways of spending free time than reblogging, posting shit and refreshing the activity page every three seconds, I am this pathetic

Thx for reading and have a nice day
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I'm officialy 18 now. Thank you all guys for wishes and everything, everything much more important - being with me these last few years. Big hug for everyone who still cares, cause that's everything I need.

I had my official bday party a month ago (so two gentlemen living far far away could have made it). I haven't thrown anything like this for years but it was great, whole thing in post apocalypse theme, in garage, with random torn posters everywhere, costumes and everything. This party and everything happening around it was like one of greatest times of my life.

Also I got some great stuff. (Feature time, lame but whatever)
Like this and  THIS form pypr And also THIS(just omg seriously how) from LilayM

And one pretty silver thing hanging on my neck right now and all the time(mah preciousss), Santa jammies (like - seriously wtf), little stuffed unicorn (wtf some more) two black T-shirts(with Iced Earth and Freddy Kruger) a book and... a tissue box(neat decoupage but... WTF)

13th I also had a thing - sleepover with Lilay and Kaoro, we were playing Amnesia and TF2 and drinking wine. Cause we can (I mean I can. Kaoro u naughty gurl)

Well, I had a good time, now I can get back to general freaking out, self hate and other stuff I do on daily basic.
I'm really sorry for my lack of activity here. Again, thanks to all who are still with me : D

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Again a week or two somewhere without the internet(not that my activity here changes or what, I'm just a fucking stalker as always). By the sea... (anything you say) wouldn't that be smashing?(oh man, this song... and the greatest kiss in the history of cinematography… )

By the way, next year is gonna be really bad and it would be great for me to reduce my activity here to minimum. Exams which are gonna decide on my future and stuff. And I finally got enough motivation to actually try instead killing myself before them.
I'll try to draw less cause sometimes it keeps me from having stuff done(almost as much as tumblr and World of Warcraft, goddamit. Gotta seriously rethink my priorities.) It's possible my whole arting will be reduced to a bunch of sketchdumps from time to time.

From other unimportant and not interesting news - I'm gonna magically become adult in september and it's impossibly werid feeling. The even werider is thinking that next holidays are gonna be much different and it's possible I'll start to live on my own (well, almost) after them. It's kinda fucked up. I know how fun it may be, but sometimes I wish to just skip these few years and become this grown up and stabilized(lol) Lynx already.

What am I even writing about.

Have a good time without my stalking.
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Back but not ready to work, that's all I wanted to say.
But I'm here again, if anyone want to beat me for any delayed things.

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Tommorow I'm going on a LARP camp, gonna be back with artblock and depression in two weeks, just as last year. Have a good time these summer days, guys!

Free sketches list for now looks like this

1. :iconxfroggiii:
2. :iconkurumii-chan:
3. :icon5olitude:
4. :iconsilvergabetha834:
5. :icontintoraneko:
6. :iconmagusferox:

And I'm really going to finish all these. Here is the original journal if anyone else wants to participate… Sorry for the delay.

Now - off for adventure.


wish me luck
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The first 10 people who comment on this journal will receive a FREE SKETCH! In return; however, you must offer 10 free sketches in your own journal too!
When I see you made this journal too, then I will start your request! If you've done this in the recent past just provide proof and that will do also.

1. :iconxfroggiii:
2. :iconkurumii-chan:
3. :icon5olitude:
4. :iconsilvergabetha834:
5. :icontintoraneko:
6. :iconmagusferox:
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Well, I'm just a piece of shit, I know. All these account changes, deleting stuff, hell knows what else. I wasn't in my best condition but stupid things are always stupid things and nothing is gonna change it.
I just missed this place and people too much. Got too far away from you lately. I'm sorry.
Back here cause making another account would be prolly even more stupid.
All the old stuff stays in scraps, where is it's place. Maybe gonna upload a few works from these on deleted account, cause they may gonna be useful later.
Now back to being productive, motivated and whatever.

I'm really sorry for all this stuff. Hope I had my lesson.

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Moved to :icontheblindlynx:
maybe you will visit me.

Just got out of the car. It's almost 1 am. Goddamn 12 hours in car today and 4 more yesterday to get to my grandma birthday party. Most of it spend in "lie down and try not to cry" mood and in general I just wanted to moan a little before going to bed, you know. And I feel artblocked as fuck haven't drawn anything decent since dunno, like week or two. Believe me, it's not usual. killmekillmekillme. Why it always happens when I actually have something to say and show?
I'm gonna look wonderful in school tommorrow. Today. Whatever.

And Bioshock Infinite is GREAT go play it now. Seriously. NOW.
Finished it few days ago and still can't get the ending out of my head.

I guess that's all I wanted to say.

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These aren't my best days, guys. Life kicking ass etc, but it's not the point. I'm pretty much artblocked and unable to draw. Okay maybe I am and it even works better than usual but my biggest problem is with my OCs.
When I try to draw them (or actually anything else) it looks... empty. Usually I felt a bond with my characters, like they were always with me, I never had to reach any further for them than just think their name. They were the closest to me, guardians made of parts of my soul and a bit of paper. I created them and then they started to recreate me.
There were days when they seemed more alive than myself. I poured my emotions and feelings into them, gave them own flesh and blood. It's what creator should do, but maybe I gave too much of it.
Without their hands surrounding me I feel like I'm nothing, even less than I felt with them. They were my shield and sword to protect from the world and now I feel just disarmed.

Without them I have no point in drawing. Living without it feels so miserable and useless. Before I was drawing literally all the time. Now I'm still trying but more like cause I'm used to do it.

With the other stuff happening around it really changed my possible moods to "fucked up" and "really fucked up". I can't see the point in waking up at all anymore. Not like I felt before, but usually it doesn't bother me at all.

When I think about all this stuff it seems a bit insane or like it at least leads me to it.. Who knows, maybe it's even better and healthier for me to give it all up now and start living my own life or something(not like I have one), not my imaginary friends lives, cause it may not end well. BUT.... but... but.
We will see where it will end. Maybe it's just cause of all the stressful stuff lately. I don't even know.
Dunno why I'm even writing this. Prolly just trying to get my mind around.

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After buying new hard disc and deleting tons of trojans I'm back on my computer. So much stuff to scan and color. And message box bigger than ever.

Requests closed for now.

Brace yourselves. Looots of stuff is coming.

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Cause without my computer I have way too much free time. Gonna pick a few as the last time and draw, this time prolly without coloring, I will have enough stuff to finish when this piece of crap is back.
Do you have anything for me, then? : P Any OCs and even fanart welcome.
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Oh hi, have a great 2013 etc etc and add whatever else you want to happen here cause I dunno what to wish you.
News  - I don't have my computer now, something is wrong with the hard disc and in general I can't even turn on this crap. For now I don't have my tablet, my files, anything. Hope I'll have it back soon. No new works until then, no matter how much I have to do -.-
From other stuff - I had great party and last few days in general :P And got my ear pierced, two new earrings just above the regular one. Hurts a bit but I'm a brave lynx so I don't cry. Okay I do but not for this reason.

Any resolutions? I've got a few but gonna tell you only one - the first thing I'm gonna submit this year is the first cover of my comic. Kill me/unwatch/moan about it all the time (almost the same) if I don't or if I sudennly stop submitting pages. Or pretend I forgot about it or anything. If I wouldn't be able to do it for myself, maybe you're able to help me :XD:

School tommorow D:

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I'm baaaack. It was... like usual but for some reason I feel it worse year after year.
Maybe it's cause I'm the youngest child in my family now. And I'm 17. No need to keep the magic, huh? All we have now is some presents (not even suprises anymore cause nobody bother finding anything for me, I got some money and have to spend it for myself), alcohol on the table and lots of food. If not Christmas tree and Home Alone in TV I wouldn't even notice it's not any other time in the year. We don't even have much snow in this part of Poland. Something is missing. And I'm the infidel there, haha.
I feel like I lost something on the road here.

In general I feel bad cause I had too much time for thinking and it never ends good.
Oh, and I still can't draw shit but now started caring about it which prolly isn't a good way.

And whole family thinks I'm going to draw for living. If I don't decide to be a doctor(or anything around cause I know how hard it is), but still it's like the second choice. Well, thanks mum. I thought you tried hard enough to put any thoughts about it out of my mind and it worked, I already decide it's only a hobby, I'm going to study something else etc etc AND NOW WHOLE FAMILY KNOWS from YOU that I'm still thinking about art school? Wait what.
Maybe I was supposed to object and do whatever I wanted? Or maybe something suddenly changed but why I don't have any idea about it?

I feel like somebody opened old wound. One of deepest ones I ever had in my short happy life.

Nothing more to say, hope you have a good time
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